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These days, intellectual property is one of the most important assets in business life. Hence it is essential to properly protect it. We support you, starting from preparations to the practical pursuit of your claims. Should there be any unlawful claims against you, we defend you, just as we do when your reputation is harmed or threatened.

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  • Registration of trademarks, patents, designs
  • Enforcement and defence of industrial property and copyright claims
  • Protection of the personal name, the company name and domains
  • Defence against defamation, media law proceedings
MK Legal | Michael Komuczky | IP und Namensschutz

Your reputation is an essential part of your capital. Likewise, your intellectual property is an essential part of your business strategy. We support you in protecting these important assets. To this end, we register trademarks, patents and designs for you in all countries that are relevant to you. In the case of trade marks in particular, the list of goods and services is of considerable importance, which we design according to your needs. We also protect you from domain grabbing and apply for the transfer of domains.

If your intellectual property rights are infringed, we apply for interim injunctions to protect you immediately. We also bring legal action, whereby the choice of the competent court is particularly significant in international cases – for example, in the case of infringements via the internet. Here we also advise you with our many years of experience in European and international trade mark law as well as the EU regulations for cross-border civil proceedings.

We also defend you against defamation of character and other untrue allegations against your person or your company outside of registered intellectual property rights. In addition to general civil law, criminal and media law are particularly important here. We offer you fast and efficient help so that your good name suffers as little damage as possible. In doing so, we always keep the big picture in mind: If litigation would increase the focus on the untrue allegation, it is not infrequently more advisable to work on your own media strategy rather than litigate. In all these considerations, we stand by you reliably and with legal as well as economic expertise.

Contact us directly:
office@ra-mk.legal or +43 1 3889652

MK Legal - Dr. Michael Komuczky Rechtsanwalt | Attorney at Law

“Your reputation is a key asset. Therefore, we go all lengths to protect it from harm.”

Dr. Michael Komuczky

Contact us directly:
office@ra-mk.legal or +43 1 3889652

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