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MK Legal - Dr. Michael Komuczky Rechtsanwalt | Attorney at Law – Grafik Netzwerk

Wir möchten Ihnen stets optimale Beratung bieten. In unserer Kerntätigkeit, dem Legal Conflict Management, können wir auf unsere jahrelange Erfahrung und umfassende Ausbildung in verschiedenen Rechtsgebieten zurückgreifen.

Zusätzlich haben wir ein breites Netzwerk von Spezialistinnen und Spezialisten im In- und Ausland, die wir bei Fragen und Problemstellungen außerhalb unseres Kompetenzbereichs hinzuziehen können. So haben Sie den Vorteil, immer von Fachleuten beraten zu sein.

Selbstverständlich achten wir auch hier auf Transparenz. Die Zuziehung anderer Kolleginnen und Kollegen erfolgt nur in Absprache mit Ihnen. Auch werden die Kosten vorab diskutiert.

ADR Services

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ASM Plus – Albert Square Mediation Limited

Paul Sandford, CEO

Prevention as well as cure. That is always the ASM Plus goal.

Some years ago, ASM Plus started life offering mediation. However, in keeping with the views of Michael Komuczky and the team at MK Legal we very soon came to realise that as effective as mediation invariably is, the best way to resolve disputes in all aspects of daily life is to help our clients address disagreements and disputes early on before views become entrenched.

Accordingly, ASM Plus is on a mission to help our clients avoid or resolve costly conflict in an efficient and cost-effective manner before it escalates. Delivered by our accomplished team of associates, our interventions are many and varied, from developing engaged teams and inclusive cultures in the workplace to helping separating couples and their families.

To achieve this we offer mediation, facilitated meetings, a wide range of training and coaching options, critical thinking, relational contracting and workplace investigation/neutral evaluation as well as specialist coaching for family companies and small businesses. We deliver promptly and we get results.

Our team is both UK and internationally focused and we offer our services in English, German, Portuguese, Hebrew and Spanish. Our website and video.

For further information or if you would like an initial without obligation discussion, please contact the ASM Plus CEO, Paul Sandford


Phone UK: 020 7126 8572
Phone WhatsApp: +351 968 898 080

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