(Out-of-court) Negotiations

We rationalize conflicts in order to prevent their escalation. In doing so, we start with an integrated analysis of the case, so that you can decide if the litigation is worth the expense. This approach preserves your resources and keeps your relationships intact.

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  • Know your own position, define your own interests
  • Understand the other side, but promote your own position
  • Stay tough on the issue, but do not engage in unnecessary arguments
  • Preserving relationships, negotiating constructively
MK Legal | Michael Komuczky | Zivilgerichtliche Verfahren

People often believe that as soon as lawyers are involved, the dispute is bound to escalate. In our experience, however, the opposite is the case. As a law firm, it is our task to rationalise a conflict and thus avoid escalation.

We show you the strengths and weaknesses of your position and move decision-making away from emotions towards deliberate cost-benefit calculations. However, we do not completely eliminate emotions: Especially when not only economic but also personal relationships are at stake – as is the case especially in family businesses or inheritance disputes – we prove our tact in sensitive matters. Our aim is not only to find the best financial solution, but also to achieve the best overall result.

Together we work out what you need and what you want – which is not always the same thing. Of course, it is also important to understand the positions and interests of the other side. This way we limit the conflict only to those points that are actually important to you. There, but only there, we then fight with full force. Wherever possible, we act reconciling. Thus, the chances of preserving the (often economically important) relationship with the other side increase enormously.

The concrete negotiation strategy, however, naturally depends to a large extent on the behaviour of the other party. We have experienced a wide variety of negotiation situations in our practice. Although every case is unique and not everything can be predicted, together we will work out and implement an approach that gets the best out of the specific situation.

Contact us directly:
office@ra-mk.legal or +43 1 3889652

MK Legal - Dr. Michael Komuczky Rechtsanwalt | Attorney at Law

„We are happy about any court session or clients do not have to attend. Therefore, we focus on the essence of the conflict, so you can do your actual work.“

Dr. Michael Komuczky

Contact us directly:
office@ra-mk.legal or +43 1 3889652

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