Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) mechanisms can help with long term preservation of business relations strained by conflict. Furthermore, they are more cost effective than regular court proceedings or arbitration. We are happy to advice you, which of these methods are fitting for you, and support you in the process.

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  • Saving resources and preserving relationships
  • Targeted use of moderated settlement negotiations/mediation
  • Making use of new technologies
MK Legal | Michael Komuczky | ADR

Court and arbitration disputes often not only take a long time, they are also resource-intensive. Moreover, interpersonal (and thus also economic) relations are often destroyed after such proceedings. Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) mechanisms try to prevent these problems. ADR refers to a variety of methods for resolving disputes in an „alternative“, i.e. non-adversary, way.

The best known of these is certainly mediation. A third, independent person supports the parties in finding an amicable solution; several mediators at once are also possible. Various institutions offer rules and regulations for this, but mediation can also be agreed upon and carried out ad hoc. We gladly support you in such procedures in order to quickly find a sensible solution.

In addition, various conciliation boards offer ADR and can also provide efficient solutions within their respective jurisdiction. Through new technologies, other dispute resolution mechanisms are also becoming more popular, from so-called „ODR“ (Online Dispute Resolution) to blockchain-based dispute resolution systems in the crypto world.

We have gained a wealth of experience with many ADR methods. If one is appropriate for your case, we will be happy to assist in its implementation and guide you through these processes to efficiently reach a solution and, in the best case, preserve your business relationships.

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MK Legal - Dr. Michael Komuczky Rechtsanwalt | Attorney at Law

„Mediation and other forms of ADR can do miracles. We at MK Legal emphasize our support for of these mechanisms, as they are speedy and cost efficient. Our clients highly appreciate this approach.“

Dr. Michael Komuczky

Contact us directly: or +43 1 3889652

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