Civil court proceedings

If a dispute ends up in court, it is both time-consuming and cost-intensive. We understand, that such a procedure is highly unpleasant for you. Therefore, we make sure to take as much of it off your shoulders as we can, so you can focus on your business. We work out a strategy from the very start to make sure you know what lies ahead of you. In doing so, we make sure to stay flexible enough to react to any unexpected turns.

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  • Conducting the case efficiently and appropriately
  • Establishing the facts, collecting evidence
  • Focusing on the essentials
  • Determining the process strategy, but remaining flexible
  • Making your point briefly and succinctly
MK Legal | Michael Komuczky | Zivilgerichtliche Verfahren

Legal disputes are always unpleasant. Our aim is to reduce the inconvenience for you in the process to a minimum. We are happy to represent you before all Austrian civil courts, of course also in commercial matters as well as in labour and social security law matters. We also routinely represent you in so-called non-adversary proceedings, such as proceedings on the law of succession, since there too – contrary to the name – are often heated disputes.

It is particularly important that the costs are always in proportion to the subject matter of the dispute. Not only do we keep an eye on our costs, we also discuss with you how much work you or your employees should have to put into the proceedings. We strive to keep this as low as possible.

At the beginning of the trial, we work out your position. For this, the evidence we can submit is also important. This allows us to give you a realistic assessment of your situation at an early stage and adapt our strategy accordingly. However, a good dispute lawyer is also characterised by his flexibility, as unexpected aspects can come to light in any proceedings and he has to react to them. Therefore, our strategy is always designed in such a way that we retain sufficient room for manoeuvre for the respective situation and can use our spontaneity.

In the proceedings, we focus only on the essential aspects, which saves resources and is also regularly appreciated by the court. Nor do we win any points with long pleadings; on the contrary, the most effective written briefs are short and concise (as the name indicates), which is how we measure our submissions.

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MK Legal - Dr. Michael Komuczky Rechtsanwalt | Attorney at Law

„We learned to litigate, so you do not have to. Our clients appreciate our direct and integrated approach, which enables them to see what lies ahead of them in the process.“

Dr. Michael Komuczky

Contact us directly: or +43 1 3889652

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