Project planning and monitoring

Every new project is unique. Together we work out a plan for both preparation and execution of your undertaking. We identify all stakeholders and develop a strategy to avoid any potential sources of conflicts. Since at the beginning of a project everyone is on the same page, it is the perfect time to develop cost-efficient solutions to preserve your relations with your partners for the entire cooperation.

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  • Negotiation and drafting of the necessary contracts
  • Review of the regulatory framework
  • Strategy regarding other stakeholders
MK Legal | Michael Komuczky | Projektplanung- und begleitung

Especially for real estate projects, but also for other longer-term investments or, for example, crowd-funding projects, early preparation with legal expertise and practical understanding is worthwhile. In addition to the contracts to be concluded, the regulatory framework is of particular importance here. We therefore show you already during project planning which authorities and institutions to seek agreement with and how to proceed most efficiently. Together we also identify other stakeholders and develop a strategy to implement the project.

We not only manage large-scale projects, but also support medium-sized and family-owned companies in implementing their investment goals within an economically reasonable framework. The aim is always to prevent disputes among the project partners and to identify possible external problem areas early on, while everyone is still pulling in the same direction. In the long run, this saves considerable time and resources.

Contact us directly: or +43 1 3889652

MK Legal - Dr. Michael Komuczky Rechtsanwalt | Attorney at Law

„Your interests are our highest priority. We develop a strategy to sustainably pursue your and bring all stakeholders on board from the very beginning.“

Dr. Michael Komuczky

Contact us directly: or +43 1 3889652

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